I had the opportunity to play a round of golf with my new Polara driver last week.  It looks like I have added about 25 yards on average to my drives.  And with using my Polara balls, I am no longer rummaging around in the rough trying to find my lost balls!  My buddies told me this has been the best club that I have added to my bag in the last couple of years. -Ron Gilbert, Riverside CA

The first time I saw this ball was at a Golf Demo in Orlando, FL, at Champions Gate. I was skeptical of the claims that David Felker, PhD, made about the ball; until I started hitting balls! I hit 30 or 40 balls & the POLARA No Limits ball does just what he said it would do, it flies straighter & longer. Now I use this ball regularly! It works pretty good for lining up putts too.   -Tim Bartel

I love my new driver. I am straight down the middle of the fairway.  I was hitting from the gold tees, but now that I am not in the woods or in the water off the tee, I can hit from the white tees.  I had a 21.4  hcp and  I am down to 17.2.  I am enjoying the game more and my friends can’t believe how good I am getting. I have only been playing for 3 1/2 yrs.  Great club and great balls. -John Nolan, Murrells Inlet, SC

Recently purchased the Polara Ultimate Straight golf balls. Great product; does exactly what you say it will - go straight. Played two rounds since purchase and will definitely purchase more. Again, outstanding product and thanks for making golf fun again.   -Andy Rodgers

I recently bought the new Polara 12 deg driver and I love it.  I started using the ultimate straight balls (75% correction) and wow, not only straight down the fairway every time but 20 yards or so further drives than I expected.  Now that I have my drives cleaned up (or should I say straightened up,  I can concentrate on the several other flaws in my game!! -Michael Lapadula, Carlsbad, CA

My wife gave me a box of Polara Golf Balls for Christmas. I'm a trust but verify person. Took a test drive yesterday, UNBELIEVABLE!! The ball actually went too straight. No hunting in the weeds, amazing. Played the same ball the whole round. That has never happened before. I'm beginning to enjoy the game again.   -Ryan Christensen

I am getting more distance and have been complimented on the fact that my ball goes straight down the fairway.  I definitely get about 20 more yards on my drives.   It was well worth buying and wish I could get the rest of my golf game going as good as the distance my driver gets me. -Elizabeth Persinski, Pittsburgh, PA

I purchased 2 dozen of your balls. In one round, what you're claiming is not a gimmick. I ended up giving a sleeve of Polara to some of my golfing friends who seem not to be able to correct the perpetual slice and/or hooks of shots. All they can say is “WOW,WOW,WOW!”   -Conrad Medina

I just started to play golf four years ago and have taken many lessons.  The one thing I could never do well was get distance and loft out of my driver.  Since playing with the Polara Ladies Advantage Driver my distance and loft has been awesome.  My friends can't believe how much better my drives are now.  I am 72 years old and loving the game of golf. -Barbara Howard, The Villages, FL

I recently bought the Polara Advantage Driver and two dozen golf balls. The first two rounds I played I hit all but one fairway and my drives were 10 to 20 yards further than my best drives with other drivers. I sold my TaylorMade driver. -Jim Gularek, Dartmouth, MA

Once on the 1st tee with my new Polara Advantage Driver in hand, please be a good shot. It was……right down the middle. I was smiling all the way to the ball; normally I’m in the lake on the right or the woods on the left. Middle fairway was a whole new territory for me. -John Steinkamp, Carlsbad, CA

I would not trade [the Advantage Driver] for anything. I'm hitting it great and straight. My golfing buddy/scramble partner has his finger prints all over it. He's going to buy one of his own or sit and watch a winner. Best dam driver going in my book. -Bill Ruzicka, High Ridge, MO

I have the HL1 driver and use the XD ball.  My slice has disappeared and I have more confidence both off the tee box and the fairway.  I don't have a fast swing and the ball hits the fairway most of the time. I believe for the recreational golfer the club and ball makes the game more enjoyable. -Marvin Chotiner, Laguna Niguel, CA

This driver performs as advertised. Combined with my Polara Golf balls I'm driving straighter and 10 to 15 yards longer than previously. At age 77 I welcome all the help I can get. -Gary King, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I'm 78, bothered by arthritis, and have never played better, more consistent golf. I purchased an Advantage driver - 15-20 more yds. on my drives, , consistently 8 to 10 strokes off my game! Once again it's a thrill and satisfying to play a round.  Thanks for providing the "tools" to put the fun back in my golf! -Bill Cameron, Tarpon Springs, FL

Since getting my Advantage Driver about a month ago, I'm driving it consistently further and straighter. I now outdrive my playing partners. All I need now is Polara to come up with putter to round out my game. -Paul Adams, Tacoma, WA

I purchased an HL1 driver last month. After a couple of rounds getting acquainted with the new driver, all of a sudden I can hit 215-220 yard drives. I am 70 years old, 18 handicap. I will continue to be 70 years old, but, I can guarantee my handicap won't continue to be 18. I reach a lot of par 4 holes in 2 and don't have to hit long approach shots anymore. It puts more relaxation in the game for me, and now my putting has also improved. Many thanks POLARA GOLF. -Gary Hanie, Farber, MO

I purchased the 12 degree Advantage driver. BANG! Straight down the fairway, longest drive ever and set me up for a great round. I can actually aim left or right of the fairway for a good set up. Best purchase I ever made, Ultimate Straight golf balls and Polara Advantage driver. Thank you for keeping me in the game. -Richard Hall, Phoenix, AZ

I have no doubt the Advantage driver has added length to my drives. I have gone from the” short knocker” to one of the longer drivers in our group. With the driver and the XD balls I have not lost a ball in the last several rounds. In fact the balls are getting beat up to the point I have to replace them. -David Moody, Louisville, KY

I am really pleased that I purchased this driver; in my foursome of seniors, I am now amongst the furthest off the tee.  It feels better hitting the ball and the drives even look good, gaining me several nice compliments.  Pairing them with the Polara balls is changing my game. Thanks for offering this product. -Edward Braun, Swampscott, MA

Bought the new Polara Advantage driver and not only am I getting 15-25 MORE yards per average but I've had many mis-hits "forgiven" by this driver. Especially off the toe. -William Yaeger, Penfield, NY

I bought a Polara driver in May. Holy Man!!!! It was like I went back in time to my 20’s ( I am 52). I was driving the ball 275 -300 + yards. I even drove a ball over the protective screen (30 ft high) at the end of the driving range (at least 275 out). Thanks. Golf is fun again. -John V.

I have purchased your golf balls and see no reason why they should not be used by the recreational golfer to further his experience of being able to play from the middle more often. For this I thank you as it has made my golf experience much more enjoyable.   -Bruce Harrison 

I received the driver on Tuesday 5/14 and played it on Sunday 5/19. I have to say that the club is &(@@): +%> unbelievable. Straight and as long as I have ever hit it. If l ever play in a USGA sanctioned tournament I won't use it but it sure makes golf a lot more fun than it used to be. Keep up the great technology and thank you for improving the game and making it more enjoyable.   -Scott Breedlove

You've made a game that was killing me from the stress, fun again! I was getting so tired of always being the crappiest golfer in my group, no matter who I played with. You've helped reduce the embarrassment and made me feel competitive again. Oh, I still lose once in a while, but mostly I'm middle of the pack, but if I do lose I don't do so crappy that I want to crawl under a rug.   -Paul Mosley

I hit a hole-in-one using a Polara golf ball. I'm an average to bad golfer but have had my game radically improved due to the Polara. The unbelievable part of the story is that I made the Ace on a 200-yard, Par 3, during a golf tournament and won $25,000 in prize money for making the hole-in-one. Thanks for making a great golf ball.   -Colby Schwartz

This ball hits true.   -Eric Thompson

I just hit about half dozen of the Polara balls at Golf Fest and every drive went straight as an arrow, so I bought a dozen. I play this ball all the time. It is the best ball I have ever played, as I use to play Titlest PV1, but not anymore.   -Danny McLaughlin

Corrected my slice the first time out. I highly recommend them!   -Bob Clardy

They performed well. I used both an XS and XD ball during the round. (Opting for the XD for most of it) I hit 15% more fairways up from 35-50 percent. Definitely makes the casual round a little better.   -Phillip Dobbe

Played my first round with your Polara ball and definitely hit the ball straighter and had confidence in hitting the fairway. Distance isn’t always most important on the course. Works well in windy conditions too. Thanks for a great ball!   -Sam Brewer

I used the Polara for the first time with AMAZING results! Within 10 ft of target centerline almost every time! It was nice to be where I aimed! Well played... Well played indeed!   -Ryan Hardy

Played my first round with the 2-piece Polara Golf ball. Shot 2 under with a 421 yard drive on number 18. Great general consumer ball.   -Ryan Winther


I used Polara balls today for the first time. All I have to say is thank you. Golf is now a lot less frustrating. Amazing golf balls!   -Kevin Reeves Jr.

They played as you said. I am hooked. Or should I say, not. You have a customer for life.   -Sandy H.

I am happy to say that all you have said about your golf balls is absolutely true. They fly straight and true. I will be purchasing more as needed in the future.   -Wayne DeCarli

I tried both balls you have to offer and have to say they are simply amazing! I shot my lowest score ever! I didn't slice one single ball. These balls make golf fun for those of us who aren't seasoned golfers. Thanks for an amazing product!   -Henry O.

I just used your Polara golf balls for the first time last night!! WOW!!! I am usually a 48-50 stroke golfer on a par 36 with a slice that you can't believe. Last night I hit every single fairway and shot the best game of my life! Thank you so much POLARA. I will continue to use them. There is not a better ball for my game!   -Ryan Stoudt

I just played my first round of golf with Polara balls and I am proud to say I shot my best round ever and scored my very first hole in one. I am extremely pleased with your product and will continue to use them and let all my golfing buddies know about Polara. Thank you for helping my game.   -Cody Smith

I am very happy with the golf ball, it works. It absolutely works!   -Tonn Pastore

I have never hit a ball that drew, cut, then flew straight. I have been playing since I was 16 years old. This is a perfect ball for someone who is just starting the game. All I can say is when you line the arrow down the target line, GRIP IT AND RIP IT, because the Polara will go straight!   -Chris Cummins

I was a 29 handicapper, but since I have been using your Ultimate Straight golf ball for 3 weeks. My handicap is now 23 and reducing. I was about to give up on golf until my brother gave me a box of these balls. Now I do not use any other ball.   -Gerald Elmore

Have used the Polara Ultimate Straight for 2 rounds now and still have the same ball. None in the water, none in the fields and none in the tall rough that I can't find. Fun game when you get to play from the fairway. I'm sold.   -Brian Smith

I "test-drove" your three-piece Polara golf balls at the urging of my cousin. I am a single-digit handicapper but play infrequently and was eager to see how the Polara balls performed. Indeed they went straighter. I was playing from "short grass" on every hole. The low ball flight induced greater roll and my approach shots could be done with one club less. The ball putt well, too. I am quite satisfied that the Polara ball performs as advertized!   -Craig Burkes